Our Latest design and developed especially for one of the toughest machines out there…. The Dozer.

This ladder retracts to a horizontal position, ensuring that it’s right out of the way.

Featuring our proven patented technology, ‘L Forge Geometry’ giving the operator even more peace of mind because of its advanced safety features.

This unit connects directly to the host machines hydraulics, meaning there’s no Power Pack required that may require costly maintenance down the track.

Scroll down to see additional details as well as photos of this unit fitted on various machines


D475 Komatsu Dozer stairs ladder access system safeboarder LD04

When the operator turns the key off, applies the safety lever, applies the park brake or if the machine looses power, then the SafeBoarder automatically lowers to the ground.

‘L’ Force Geometry also offers the operator additional peace of mind when they attempt to raise the SafeBoarder while another person is either on or holding onto the access system; it will not move. L Force Geometry greatly reduces possible injuries.

This product utilises the hydraulics of the host machine, meaning that there’s no costly power packs that usually require some form of maintenance or replacement over time. Less is more in this access systems case



No Power Pack required

Patented ‘L Force Geometry system’, that offers operators additional peace of mind

SafeBoarder models conform where possible to the relevant sections of the ISO and to the (AS) Australian Standards

‘Non slip’ treads

Bushes oil impregnated

Fits the Following:
Cat D10 - D11
Cat D9
Komatsu D375 - D575
Komatsu D51